Photo by Hattie Kennedy (Age 5)

Photo by Hattie Kennedy (Age 5)

“Photography is an art of observation.  It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.  It has little to do with things you see, and everything with the way you see them.”  - Elliot Erwitt


Jackson MI born and raised, I eventually migrated south, and studied photography + fine arts at Watkins College of Art + Design in Nashville TN., and spent 15 years as a working photographer + singer in a rock'n'roll band in Nashville and Chicago. A passion for portrait photography, and a yearning for open landscapes, parks, and country roads, lead me back to my hometown of Jackson MI, where I happily reside with my wife and kids and extended family.

I have an honest approach to shooting — whether it’s fine art, documentary, or portrait photography — and a great deal of respect for my craft. I subscribe to a classic "California style" of portrait photography, relying on nature’s light and landscape (although, I often like to shoot in my studio for more controlled lighting). To me, there is nothing quite like the natural light and fresh air of the outdoors. Photography is a documentation of life, and all that is important to you.  Families, individuals, babies, the principles are all the same. I believe we are best documented in a setting that is real.

If it’s portrait photography you’re interested in, please know that I take great care in retouching my photographs. However, if it’s an airbrushed, heavily filtered, fantasy, or any other falsified portrait that you desire, I’m afraid I’m not you’re guy.

As a photographer who shoots in the midwest, I embrace the ever-changing seasons. I’m happy to shoot outdoors all year round; spring, summer, fall, and yes… winter too!